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Tell you the structural features and advantages of prefabricated box type substation

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YBM prefabricated substation is used in urban high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, residential areas, high-tech development zones, small and medium-sized factories, mines and oil fields, as well as temporary construction sites for receiving and distributing electric energy in the distribution system.

1、 Environmental conditions: 1. The altitude is not more than 1000m. 2. The ambient temperature shall not exceed + 40 ℃ and not lower than - 25 ℃; the average temperature within 24 hours shall not exceed + 35 ℃. 3. Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 35m / s. 4. The relative humidity of air should not exceed 90% (+ 25 ℃). 5. The horizontal acceleration is not more than 0.4m/s2, and the vertical acceleration is not more than 0.2m/s2. 6. Places without fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

2、 Structural features:

1. It is composed of high-voltage distribution device, transformer and low-voltage distribution device. It is divided into three functional rooms, namely high voltage room, transformer room and low voltage room. The high-voltage room has complete functions, which can be arranged into ring network power supply, terminal power supply, dual power supply and other power supply modes. It can also be equipped with high-voltage metering elements to meet the requirements of high-voltage measurement.

2. Transformer can be calculated, and other low loss oil immersed transformer or dry-type transformer. The transformer room is equipped with automatic forced air cooling system and lighting system. According to the requirements of users, the low-voltage room can adopt panel or cabinet mounted structure to form the power supply scheme required by users. It has the functions of power distribution, lighting distribution, reactive power compensation, electric energy measurement and other clock functions to meet the different needs of users, so as to facilitate the management of power supply and improve the quality of power supply.

3. The structure of the high-voltage chamber is compact and reasonable, and has the function of anti misoperation interlock. All rooms are equipped with automatic and forced lighting devices. In addition, all components selected for high and low pressure chamber have reliable performance and convenient operation, which makes the product run safely and reliably. Easy operation and maintenance.

4. Natural ventilation and forced ventilation are used to make ventilation and cooling good. There are ventilation channels in transformer room and low-voltage room, and the exhaust fan is equipped with temperature detection device, which can start and close automatically according to the setting temperature to ensure the transformer to meet the load operation.

5. The box structure can prevent rainwater and dirt from entering. It is made of hot-dip galvanized color steel plate or antirust aluminum alloy plate, and has been treated with anti-corrosion. With long-term outdoor use conditions to ensure anti-corrosion, waterproof, dust-proof performance, long service life, and beautiful appearance.

3、 Advantages of prefabricated box type substation

At present, the box type substation produced by Guizhou Power Distribution Equipment Institute has been widely used in urban power supply, rural 10 kV ~ 110 kV medium and high voltage small substation (distribution) substation, industrial and mining enterprises, as well as mobile substation construction and upgrading projects. It is easy to go deep into the power load center for centralized power supply, reduce the power supply radius, and improve the power quality of power supply at the end of distribution lines It is suitable for urban construction, rural power grid technical transformation, field construction power supply and distribution engineering fields.

1. Advanced technology, safe and reliable

The box body of box type substation mainly adopts domestic leading technology and production process, and its shell is generally made of aluminum zinc plated steel plate; its internal frame adopts standard container material and production process, which has very good corrosion resistance and can ensure that the equipment is not rusted for 20 years; the inner sealing plate of box type substation adopts aluminum alloy gusset plate, and its interlayer is filled with fireproof and thermal insulation performance is superior In the normal operation process, the electrical equipment will not be affected by natural climate environment and external pollution, which can ensure the safe, stable, energy-saving and economic operation performance of the substation from - 40 ℃ to + 40 ℃. The primary electrical equipment in the substation box adopts advanced domestic technical equipment such as unit vacuum switch cabinet, dry-type distribution transformer, dry-type voltage (current) transformer and vacuum circuit breaker (equipped with electric spring operating mechanism). The products are fully insulated structure equipment, without exposed live parts, which can fully meet the operation requirements of zero electric shock accident, and the whole station can realize oil-free automatic operation Yes, secondary equipment integration automation level is high, greatly reducing the substation operation and maintenance workload, can achieve unattended and other functions.

2. High level of integrated automation

The box type substation adopts the integrated and intelligent design scheme of the whole station, and its relay protection system adopts the microcomputer integrated automatic protection device, which can realize the unattended "four remote" functions of the substation, that is, telemetry, remote signaling, remote control and remote regulation. Each control system unit in the substation has independent operation function. The remote setting of operation parameters can be realized by microcomputer protection system, and the humidity, temperature and other parameters inside the box can be adjusted and controlled remotely to meet the functional requirements of unattended.

3. Factory prefabrication

The box type substation is designed according to the combined structure. The designer only needs to design the primary electrical wiring diagram and equipment outside the box according to the actual needs of the project, and then the complete scheme can be designed according to the specification, model and combination mode of the box type substation provided by the box type substation manufacturer. The electrical equipment selected by the designer can be put into practical application after one-time combined installation and debugging in the factory. Box type substation can realize the prefabrication of substation manufacturing factory, simplify the design idea and scheme, and shorten the construction period. The on-site installation and commissioning construction only needs to locate the assembled box, connect the cables between the box compartments, and carry out protection setting verification, transmission test, and other related debugging work, and then it can be put into practice

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