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Function of combined substation

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What is a combined transformer

Combined substation is a kind of multi-functional power equipment, which combines 10kV high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low-voltage switchgear and other equipment together scientifically. Guizhou power distribution equipment learned that the combined transformer will all power equipment in a certain order in the outdoor box, so it is also known as the box type substation, which is a mobile terminal substation.

Structure of combined transformer

The transformer substation is divided into three compartments by partition board, which are high voltage room, transformer room and low voltage room. The three compartments of the combined transformer can be arranged in the shape of "product" or "mesh". Xgn15-12 ring main unit can be installed in high-voltage room, and fully insulated and fully enclosed gas filled cabinet can also be installed. Dry type transformer or oil immersed transformer can be installed in transformer room. Fixed GGD low voltage switchgear is usually installed in low voltage room.

Purple light combined transformer

Ziguang combined transformer is usually called Ziguang box type substation. Ziguang combined transformer can not only design personalized high and low voltage configuration according to user requirements, but also choose different materials of shell, such as fireproof and heat insulation composite plate, cold-rolled plate, stainless steel plate, landscape shell, etc.

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