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Guizhou Jinzhong Power Transmission and distribution equipment Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the pragmatic quality policy of "product innovation, service satisfaction, innovation for development, honesty for brand". The equipment selection meets the requirements of safe and reliable, economic operation and easy maintenance. Therefore, we make the following quality service guarantee commitments:

1、 In strict accordance with the requirements of the demander, we select experienced technicians to train the installation and operation personnel free of charge, arrive at the site on time for technical guidance, and provide the technical data and drawings required by the contract to the users in time. In the process of use, if we find any quality problems, we will solve them in time and provide spare parts for sales service.

2、 Our company adheres to the tenet of serving users, being responsible for users and satisfying users, ensures that the processing technology of products supplied is perfect and the testing means are complete, ensures that the technical performance of products manufactured meets the relevant national standards and the requirements of the demander, ensures that the production technology level of products supplied reaches advanced manufacturing, and the products provided are brand-new products.

3、 We will provide users with excellent pre-sales consultation, and set up 0851-88117077 special telephone, Or call our project manager directly: 13595162020 provides 24-hour service, such as: providing relevant technical information, being a good user's consultant, strengthening various pre-sale and in-sale negotiation activities, as well as after-sale service, implementing the whole process of service in the whole process of product manufacturing and maintenance. For any problems in product installation or operation, the response time of product fault repair is within 0.5 hours and within 5 hours Make sure you are in place. So that users are not satisfied with the quality, service does not stop.