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Admiralty has always been committed to establishing a fair, competitive, incentive and effective employment mechanism, creating a working environment conducive to the development of employees' personality, and giving full play to the potential of human resources.

1、Talent recruitment

Employment principles: equal competition, strict assessment, selective employment and two-way selection

Golden Bell company broke the geographical boundaries and established a reasonable floating employment system. More than 80% of its employees come from all over the country. Every year, the company actively participates in the talent fairs all over the country, and recruits talents through the network all the year round. The company has more than 380 employees, including more than 160 college and secondary school personnel, 60 middle and senior professional title personnel, and more than 100 junior title personnel. According to the business strategy needs of enterprise development, the company orients itself and focuses on training urgently needed talents to lay a solid foundation for further expansion of scale and market.

2、Talent use

Use principle: establish competition and assessment mechanism, and use young talents boldly.

In Admiralty, most of the managers are fearsome postgraduates who have trained at the grass-roots level for several years after graduation and then promoted to leadership positions. The company has trained a large number of young managers with excellent comprehensive quality through various ways such as job rotation, job change, promotion, etc.

3、personnel training

Training principle: set up learning organization, organize all kinds of basic training, professional training and deepening training for employees

In order to adapt to the fierce market competition and rapid development of science and technology, the company tries to cultivate all kinds of talents. The company often invites experts and scholars from home and abroad to give academic reports and special lectures, and sends its backbone to key universities and research institutions for training. At the same time, it makes full use of the company's internal resources to hire management experts and technical backbones as part-time teachers to carry out various forms of professional training for employees.

4、Talent incentive

Incentive principle: analyze the needs and meet the needs

The company has invested a lot of money to establish a high-tech industrial park, modern dormitory building, staff canteen, entertainment center to provide a comfortable working and living environment for employees; established pension insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance system to solve the worries of employees; established the annual "advanced workers" and "excellent workers" In addition to spiritual and material rewards, golden bell employees are also organized to visit, travel and study at home and abroad. The company formulates a strict assessment system, and the assessment results are directly linked to the salary, selection, appointment and removal, so the enthusiasm of employees is greatly improved.

Admiralty respects every employee and its employees are the master of the company. Everyone is equal in front of the company's system.

5、Feelings stay

Golden Bell has created a positive, United and harmonious interpersonal relationship and working environment, and actively built a people-oriented enterprise culture with centripetal force and cohesion, so as to enhance everyone's feelings and sense of belonging to Admiralty. We should hold a wide range of activities for the employees to discuss their concerns and make suggestions for their future development. Through these work, the majority of employees can really feel the warmth of the big family, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of work and create excellent performance.