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Notice of distribution room

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(1) Reasonable use of labor protection equipment, with "electrician certificate" operation.

(2) Strictly implement the duty inspection system, switching operation system, work ticket system, shift system, safety equipment and fire equipment management system.

(3) No matter whether the high-voltage equipment is charged or not, the personnel on duty shall not move or cross the barrier to work alone.

(4) When inspecting the power distribution device and entering and leaving the high voltage room, the door must be locked. Always keep doors and windows intact to prevent small animals from entering.

(5) The power cut-off operation must follow the sequence of oil switch (or load switch), load side knife switch and bus side knife switch.

(6) The switching operation of high-voltage equipment and large capacity low-voltage main panel must be carried out by two people and supervised by a person more familiar with the equipment.

(7) When Jinzhong Power Transmission and distribution company talks about using insulating rod to pull high-voltage knife switch or closing high-voltage knife switch and oil switch through transmission mechanism, insulating gloves should be worn.

(8) When operating outdoor high-voltage equipment in rainy days, insulating boots should be worn. Switching operation is prohibited in case of lightning.

(9) Wear protective glasses and insulating gloves when handling fuses with electricity. If necessary, use insulated clamps and stand on the insulation pad.

(10) Warning signs of "no switching on, working personnel" shall be hung on the switch and knife switch operation handle of the working place where power can be transmitted.

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